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(Independent RP blog for Edea Lee from Bravely Default. I will gladly RP with anyone! Content could be NSFW, but will be tagged! And both mun and muse are over 18 :3 I do not own any art unless specified. All art belongs to their respective owners unless stated otherwise. All icons used here are created and edited by me.)
cosmopolitanwarrior asked : Hey edea! Cheers for following :)

((Woohoo! More friends! ❤ ))

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((I’m not dead I promise! ><

I’m heerrreeee! And will be able to do some replies soon! :’D ))

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Jack and Kelly’s rabbit it THEIR fur child.


Jack and Kelly’s rabbit is there fur child 💕

Omg I just realized I put the wrong ‘there’. Wooooow. Wooooooooooooow.

Yep I’m officially embarrassed.

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Jack and Kelly’s rabbit is there fur child 💕

((Day 1 of MetroCon! Relm Arrowny from Final Fantasy 6!))

There needs to be a gay fan fiction called “Lolly gagging”

((Sorry I haven’t been on guys… I guess I should call this a small hiatus? *sighs sadly* I don’t know… I’ll try to do some replies soon…))


to my Muslim followers - please feel free to tell me if there’s anything you need me to blacklist for Ramadan

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